Removals to Malta could make your fantasy come true if you have dreamt of life on an idyllic island. Malta will indeed allow you to enjoy a sunny climate while keeping all of the luxuries of modern life. However, if you are moving to Malta there is a lot you’ll need to research before you set off, such as the transport available on the island and whether you’ll need to learn the language. We’ve done some of the hard work for you with this guide which covers the essential info that every expat considering relocating to Malta should know.

Malta is the smallest state within the EU, with a population of just 400,000 stretched over 316 square kilometres. The country is actually an archipelago which is comprised of three islands: Malta, Gozo and Comino.

Malta is the biggest of the three islands and has the most sites of interest as well as being the administrative and commercial hub. Gozo is quieter with more rural areas, as it is primarily utilised for fishing, agriculture, tourism and crafts. The last of the three, Comino only has one hotel on the island and is considered to be uninhabited.This trio of islands is set in the middle of the Mediterranean, south of Sicily and north of Africa. This brings a hot and sunny climate with many hours of sunshine each day. Winters are short and mild with only occasional bursts of cold weather.

After joining the EU, Malta went on to adopt the euro in 2008 and this is now the only legal tender currency in the country.

Moving to Malta – Visa

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As part of the EU, the rules about living and working on this tiny island are pretty straightforward. EU citizens can live or work in Malta without having to apply for any kind of visa or work permit. However, if they plan on staying for longer than three months they must apply for the formal registration certificate.

Non-EU nationals will have to secure approval from Department of Citizenship and Expatriate Affairs […]

Moving to Malta – Transport

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As the archipelago of Malta covers such a small space, transport in and around the islands is very easy.

Driving offers real freedom to visit wherever you want and allows you access to the furthest stretches of the island. In Malta, cars drive on the left-hand side of the road, just like the UK. Likewise, the signs are all in English.

The buses make a good alternative to driving and are a […]

Moving to Malta – Healthcare

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Malta offers an excellent standard of healthcare; They rank fifth globally in the World Health Organisation’s chart. This outstrips larger countries such as the UK and US by a long way and demonstrates the quality which is available within the state system.

Any emergency medical treatment is free of charge to everyone, regardless of whether they have insurance coverage. Once they are stable, they will need proof of cover for further […]

Moving to Malta – Taxation

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finance and tax in malta

What do you need to know about finance and tax in Malta and more specifically, how does it apply to you as a foreign resident?

Long occupied by the British, the main language in Malta is English.

It has long been a draw for expats due to its laid back lifestyle and quality of life.

One of the other benefits for many is the low […]