Moving overseas takes a lot of planning and organisation and can be a lot more work than merely relocating within your own country. With international customs and laws to consider, as well as the practicalities of getting your belongings to the end location, an international move is fraught with potential complications. Removals to Gibraltar may appear almost “local” to people moving from the UK; it isn’t as straightforward.

One of 14 British Overseas Territories, Gibraltar still retains a real UK vibe, despite its proximity to Spain and the continent. You’ll find many familiar shop names on their high streets, but despite its strong British link Gibraltar has the right to pass its laws independently.

A tiny nation, dominated by the famous Rock, it covers just 2.7 square miles. 30,000 people live there and fill the place. Many of those who work in Gibraltar live over the border in Spain and opt to commute in.

Basically, in practice Gibraltar can feel quite busy and crowded and it’s hard to find a quiet, tranquil location.

Gibraltar offers an excellent quality of life, and many items are cheaper than in the UK. It is also somewhat of a tax haven as it doesn’t impose many of the tax levies that you find elsewhere. This tax regime makes Gibraltar an attractive proposition for those with high incomes or wealth.

The Gibraltar pound is the official currency. You can also use British pound; it’s important to note that these are not the same and Gibraltar pounds are not a valid currency in the UK. Gibraltar also accepts the Euro, but the exchange rate is low unless you exchange in a dedicated facility like a bank.

The small size of the country means that you won’t need to research specific towns or cities in Gibraltar as they don’t really exist. Unlike anywhere else, no place is large enough to qualify as a town.

When deciding where to live, apartment blocks count loosely as a neighbourhood, but these still don’t have the same feel as a larger town. It’s therefore much easier to find a place to live as you only need to look for an accommodation that you like.

This fluid flow means that Gibraltar offers a close-knit community and it’s straightforward to make friends locally,  as almost everybody speaks English.

Moving to Gibraltar – Visa

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Gibraltar’s status is unusual because it is a British Overseas Territory. As such, it has its own Parliament and passes its laws. The UK remains responsible for handling its foreign affairs, including its relationship with Europe and the EU.

Indeed, Gibraltar has an exceptional relationship with the EU. If you come from a Schengen country, you will also be able to visit Gibraltar without a visa. However this only allows for […]

Moving to Gibraltar – Transport

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There is public transport available, but it’s constrained, with just buses and no train system. However, the size of Gibraltar means that it is less of an issue because of how easy it is to walk to wherever you need to go.

Despite the compact size of the country, Gibraltar has one of the highest rates of car ownership in the world. Roads are generally in excellent condition, although the older […]